A long lasting, smooth premium cuvee with a fruity overtone and masterfully integrated oak wood (14 months barrel ripening).
The experience of vinification and ageing such outstanding grape varieties as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah has benefitted in the creation of a new cuvee, named after a great roman agronomist, who described agriculture and wine making of his epoch. The masculine personality of Cabernet Sauvignon, with the feminine character of Syrah, enriched with other varieties that remain the secret of the wine maker, coalesce to a harmonious wine of great complexity, that became the quality seal of Domaine Richeaume.
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A perfect expression of this racy grape variety from the red limestone soils of Richeaume.
Experienced by some as being the most beautiful red wine of Domaine Richeaume, this capricious grape variety from the northern Rhone requires the wine makers attention and sensitivity every year, to create a harmonious wine.
It was the work of a pioneer to name a wine after this grape in Provence, whose early and intense ripeness (harvested at the latest around September 20th) demands oak barrel maturing of the finished wine. The result is a dark violet, aromatically rich and well-structured wine, that may be appreciated after three years of ripening and shows excellent capacity for further ageing.


In the 1970s Henning Hoesch was one of the first to plant Cabernet Sauvignon in Provence and he did this when Cabernet Sauvignon had not become the world-wide success it now is.
Domaine Richeaume has a barrel aged wine named after this variety, representing at least 80% of this cuvee. Always peppery, marked by fine-grained tannins, developing stunning density in great vintages (1985, 1988, 1991), the wine presents a wide range of aromas, from dark chocolate to smoky sandalwood. Full of character, this wine lingers on the palate.


An individual wine, presenting the entire energy of this often misunderstood grape variety. Full of character and power, beautiful finish. Decanting prior to tasting will open its bouquet. Good ageing potential.


Grenache in harmonious association with Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Attractive ripeness.
This cuvee owes its name to the traditional grape varieties of Provence: Grenache, Carignan, Cinsault… Wines that wont join our premium wines, will be blended in this cuvee after a second, thorough full tasting.
Nowadays, Carignan has been replaced by Cabernet Sauvignon, that gives birth to the characteristic bouquet of typical Mediterranean herbs in association with traditional grape varieties.
Excellent, lightly structured table wine of great popularity.
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Dark ruby coloured, velvety, abundant red fruit, a delicate backbone of tannins, of great potential.
This premium Syrah grows on rocky red clay terraces of the slopes of the Mont Saint Victoire. A well structured and full-bodied wine with a rich, fruity bouquet and well integrated tannins. It has a huge potential for ageing.
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Full-bodied and dry, with fine, harmonious acidity and intense exotic fruitiness.
Viognier produces full, deep golden white wines with a plentiful bouquet of ripe fruit (apricot, peach, pear) and flowers (Lily of the Valley). Viognier enthusiasts are in raptures about this naturally low-yielding grape variety, that needs accurate and subtle barrel ageing.
An elegant, highly aromatic wine full of fruit.
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Ample and mineralic wine with crisp acidity and aromas of fresh fruits.
Made from Clairette and Rolle (Vermentino). The Clairette grapes, coming from Domaine Richeaume’s oldest vineyards, give the wine the dry character that suggests the coolness of limestone.
Crispy, aromatic Rolle grapes add freshness and fruitiness. A well balanced wine, attractive in its youth, may well ripen with a couple of years in your cellar.
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The oldest wine of France, originating from the roman province Gallia Narbonensis (a part of nowadays Provence) is made from finest red grape varieties of the Mediterranean: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault. Its pink colour, somewhere in between pale ruby and delicate rose petals, comes from short skin maceration before pressing the grapes. Only the first pressings will be used for fermentation. A wine suitable for every occasion, presenting a succulent melange of crispy white wine with hints of tannins, that will particularly please young wine drinkers.
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